Softscape Services & Landscape Design

At Wight’s Landscaping, there’s little we enjoy more than bringing in the big machines, clearing large swaths of land, regrading, reorganizing and recreating a space. Maximizing the potential of any outdoor area is our aim, whether that requires an onslaught or a few simple alterations. It could include installing sod to create a usable play-area, designing beautiful plant arrangements to complement your lot, or creating raised vegetable beds to add color and function to your landscape.

High Quality, Reasonable Bids

Whether you are a private homeowner or commercial property owner on the Eastside, you’ve no-doubt realized that creating visually appealing, functional, eco-friendly softscapes takes a lot of work. Next time you embark on an outdoor project, call Wight’s Landscaping for a reasonable bid on the highest quality installations in the Seattle area.

Some of Our “Softscape” Services

Sod or Seed Grass Installation – Lawn installation builds the backbone of your yard and provides a central place for family and friends to connect. It also works hand-in-hand with the rest of your landscape design elements.

Plant Design – From tree and shrub selection, to careful perennial and annual placement, we’ll create a colorful palette that looks good all year long. We utilize elements like weed fabric covering under gravel pathways to help keep upkeep as simple as possible.

Fertilizer & Compost Installation – Organic mulch and cow manure, fertilizers, topsoil, bark and compost installations all help keep your plants in top shape.

Raised Vegetable Bed Construction – Planter boxes bursting with all of your own organic vegetables, filled with the nicest soils and topped with organic manure help keep your home-grown garden producing tasty, wholesome vegetables for the family.

Lady Bug & Mason Bee Installation – Bees help keep outdoor spaces fertile and growing without human intervention. We build mason bee homes and introduce lady bugs into your yard for natural pest control.