Hardscape Services

Outdoor Building to Complement Your Landscape

Hardscape features such as patios, walkways and retaining walls create a backbone for your outdoor landscape. With the addition of hardscape elements, tricky slopes become ornamental terraces, muddy flatlands turn into party patios, and the wilds of your backyard become the extension of your indoor life into nature. Hardscape makes your yard livable, beautiful and balanced.

Our hardscape services include construction of the following:

  • Patios & Decks
  • Fences
  • Stone Steps, Retention Walls & Terraces
  • Sawdust, Gravel, Stepping Stone or Paver Pathways
  • Arbors & Trellises
  • Rockeries and Fire Pits
  • Water Features & Fountains
  • Built-in Barbeque/Entertaining Areas
  • Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

In addition, we offer the following hardscape services to complement your project:

  • Placement of Ornamental Boulders
  • Weed Fabric Coverings
  • Pressure Washing
  • Painting, Staining, Treating & Refinishing Wood Fixtures
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Hotub Installation

All-In-One Eastside Landscaping

When it comes to your landscaping, you could potentially work with numerous service providers and end up with a disjointed look, from deck to arbor. That’s why Wight’s Landscaping provides a well-rounded assortment of hardscape services. We believe that all of your outdoor spaces, whether manmade or organic, deserve to be created by a single knowledgeable team, with a single outcome in mind.

Here’s an idea: don’t bother hiring a handyman to build your fence, a contractor to pave your patio, rockery employees to deliver your ornamental boulders, day-workers to shovel gravel, a landscaper to trim your Birch trees, and a neighbor boy to mow your lawn. Instead, call Wight’s Landscaping and have a team with decades of experience take care of the whole thing.

Hardscape Services in Hard Times

Okay, so maybe you don’t have the cash to redo your entire yard in one fell swoop. Maybe, like most of our clients, you really just need your deck refinished, your patio pressure washed, or even just your gutters cleaned. The benefit to working with Wight’s Landscaping is that you’ll build a regular relationship with men you trust to take good care of your home.

If you are one of our current clients, you already benefit from our lawn, yard and home care knowledge on a regular basis. Our hardscape services are often just a natural outgrowing of the attention we give to you and your home with our yard care maintenance packages.

Interested in finding that small, go-to company to meet your landscaping and outdoor yard care needs? Contact Thadd at Wight’s Landscaping today.