Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscaping Today

As a commercial property owner, you know how important the “storefront” experience is for your customers. Maintaining a clean, well appointed, visually pleasing landscape is an integral part of the impression your business makes on its clients.

In today’s market, businesses are looking for ways to cut expenses, many of them forgoing landscaping services or employing unlicensed or underinsured landscapers. Look around at parking lot landscapes next time you go shopping, storefront softscapes around your doctor’s office, or the potted arrangements flanking more urban businesses. Do they leave something to be desired?

The good news is that you can benefit from this situation. It is now easy to make your commercial property stand out to potential customers by taking simple steps to improve your landscaping and keep it well maintained. Contact us to get a quote with personalized tips for improving your company’s image through grounds landscaping and maintenance.

Our Commercial Services

Commercial landscaping is the bread and butter of our business. Apartment complexes, condominiums, business parks and privately-owned business buildings are our forte. And though we are a longstanding, fully licensed, bonded and insured eastside landscaping company, we offer incredibly reasonable bids for landscaping projects and regular commercial grounds upkeep.

From softscape design and seasonal planting to mowing, trimming, hedging, blowing and all manner of other landscaping services, we offer the gamut of commercial grounds care. In addition to those services, we also perform regular pressure washing, topsoil refreshing, roof repair, gutter cleaning, and gravel, pathway and paver installation. Our hardscape services are performed by a special team of trained and experienced handymen.

We take special care to cater to the unique needs of our professional clients, so if you have any concerns or inquiries, do not hesitate to call today.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We know that you want the biggest bang for your landscaping bucks, so we are equipped with large teams of landscapers who will tackle your lawn mowing, edging, blowing, trimming, weeding and general upkeep before your workers or clients have a chance to become distracted. Our polite, friendly, well-trained staff members always wear matching shirts and uphold the professional environment of your workspace.

Contact Wight’s Landscaping today so we can come see your grounds and let you know what we can offer you.