Transforming a Backyard – Landscaping and Patio

In April’s backyard, we did a major overhaul.

Wight’s Landscaping put a good amount of time into this project transforming an old, unused corner into a beautiful, flagstone patio. Quick-growing, thyme was planted near the hand-laid steps. The 3-stoned, top step was a partner effort between the crew and April herself. Even April’s children gave their input.

The landscaping was also redone to give a new style to the yard. Thadd chose NorthWest native plants to create a better feel to the whole site. (He also chose several plants to match the Asian feel, since bamboo had already taken root there).

April enjoyed the final product and the services that we offered that she was interested in starting a contract for regular maintenance – to keep her home looking great! We were happy to help transform the backyard up from the ashes!

Before - pre-landscaping


After Image Showing Corner


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