Paver Backyard Patio with Fireplace

Sometimes you buy a house and the backyard is in a little disrepair. It happens more often than you think.

Well don’t fear, Wight’s Landscaping to the rescue!

After deciding on a look for the bricks, and keeping in mind the budget and style of the customer, we began this paver backyard patio project. We created a one-of-a-kind fireplace as well. The fireplace can even be moved if you really need to, because although it’s firmly in place, it isn’t cemented down.

We were sure to keep a natural slant away from the house for good drainage, and like all patio projects, settled sand in-between the bricks to hold them securely.

Eventually the grass will fill in around the patio and it will become a favorite place to hang out! We are so glad to provide quality, friendly service for any backyard that could use a little help. Does yours?


Paver Patio Before

Paver Patio Almost Done

Paver Patio After3