Mercer Island Cleanup Project

Getting Ready

A good landscaping project should bring a sense of balance and beauty to your property. It should leave you breathing well, as your eyes move easily throughout the landscaping as a whole. Plants, shrubs, or grasses should work well with each other in color, desired seasonal bloom, and overall look. And best of all, it should be easy to maintain!

Wight’s Landscaping & Construction brings a small business sensitivity to each project we complete and each property we manage . We hope to bring an added value to your home, your community, and your daily life.


The Project

This Mercer Island Project used the landscaping and construction sides of our company. We renovated a large area that wasn’t touched for years! We had to rethink how to use the land, have constant vision for the property, and come together as a team. This project was a great success for the client, who was amazed at the final product. Further, we worked with the homeowner from start to finish  to communicate well and make sure to provide the best service possible.

As you can see in this “After Slideshow“, we made a wonderful impact for this client. Imagine the difference you would see every day if you lived here, as you look at the before pictures compared to the after pictures.

After Slideshow

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See the huge difference between the property when we started and the final outcome.

Before & After Slideshow

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Your Own Project?

If you’re thinking about a landscaping project, think about the limitation of your property size, the climatic conditions of your area where you live, and the types of soil you have to deal with in your property. Think about budget, have vision for the final product, and consult experts. We would love to provide professional services for your next project! Wight’s Landscaping made the landscape design to work for this homeowner, and we can do it for you too!

 If you have a project for us to tackle, contact Wight’s Landscaping and Construction now!