Hillside Transformed with Landscaping and fence

This hillside was transformed with landscaping and construction, as Wight’s Landscaping and Construction was hired to do a huge facelift.

This was the second stage of a 2-stage project.

See the first stage of the project here – a new fence to keep the dog in.

As you can see in the before and after images, the whole feel of the yard has been completely reformatted after Wight’s crew came in! In working with the customer’s vision and requests, this once-muddy hill has become a prized area of the property. The underbrush had to be cleared, along with many old stumps and ivy. The vision of the hillside was to provide brightly-colored plants of managable sizes that are always in bloom, while keeping the line of sight moving across the property. A gravel walkway was aimed toward the mailboxes. Plants that would flower in practically every season were put in aesthetic locations to provide a great overall look. Final touches (we can’t give away our secrets!) were done, and we also cleaned up other areas of the property, and used some left over bark to tie the property together.

Honesty and integrity are a key part of Wight’s Landscaping and Construction. As often happens when working a project, Wight’s crew was aware of other areas that could use some extra work on this property. When you have an eye for detail, and a willingness to serve others, it seems there’s always more to do! However, honoring the customer’s time (if they need the yard done by a certain day), and the customer’s budget (it takes money to produce results) are high priority. We stay within the aforementioned guidelines in a contract when doing business at Wight’s. You can rest assured upon our agreement; and maybe even a little extra help once in a while.



Craig Before High Angle

Craig Before Hill LS

Craig Before Hill MS


Craig After High Angle

Craig After Hill LS

Craig After Hill MS