Backyard Remodel Project – fence, landscaping, construction

For this backyard remodel project, Wight’s Landscaping and Construction not only diligently worked the ground that had gotten out of hand for years, but we also refenced the backyard – with a brand new fence!

The crew took the old, rotten fence out, and created a new one – matching the existing style (in the decking on the second floor). While always making sure the customer is involved (as much as they want to be), and making the most of the days of work, Wight’s Landscaping was glad to help with this project – which will surely make a positive impact in the neighborhood. Many neighbors can see the yard and fence now, and we have received many compliments!

The customer was very satisfied with our work, and we hope to offer landscaping services to make the hillside look even better! Do you have a hillside that could be fenced in? Call us for a quote!


Craig Fence After Full Shot